Canon 5D Mark II vs. Nikon D700 Review & ISO Samples Comparison

By John Mahoney/gizmodo.com.

GIZMODOがキャノン5D Mark IIとニコンD700のHigh ISOサンプルなどを比較したレビューを掲載しています。

For the last few months, we've been shooting with the two hottest cameras on the market. Lucky us. If you've been eyeing either one of these for purchase, here's everything you need to know.

Camera makers love to invent new categories. And while that can often lead to endless bloat, the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D700 (... Read more)

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Why Lenses Are the Real Key to Stunning Photos.

BY Matt Buchanan / GIZMODO.

GIZMODOのMatt Buchananが写真とレンズの関係を解説しています。

Matt Buchanan: When most of us talk digital cameras, we talk megapixels, ISO, image noise, shot-per-second speed and image processing. We're tech geeks. But really, none of that stuff matters as much as your camera's lens.(... Read more)

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Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Preview & Samples

by Photoclub Alpha.

Photoclub Alpha: Tamron’s new ultra wide angle zoom for APS-C/DX is getting a bit of a blasting from reviewers. Now, when I see this happen, I get curious. Lens testing is often badly designed for such zooms, involving test chart targets at distances which are extremely close and result in very bad figures caused mainly by a strong curvature of field (dished, ‘cap’ shape relative to the camera) when gets worse in effect the closer you focus. (... Read more)

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Epson new rangefinder "R-D1xG"

Epson will start shipping the new rangefinder "R-D1xG" from April 2009,


 →Epson new rangefinder "R-D1xG" / epson.jp

 →Translate-google/Epson "R-D1xG" / epson.jp

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New Tamron blog "Angle of View"

Tamron recently launched a new blog.


   →New Tamron blog "Angle of View"

   →タムロン"Angle of View"Google 翻訳版  

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Nikon DTOWN - New website with Nikon DSLR TIPS & TRICKS



今回始まったNikon DTOWNは週1のペースでニコンDSLRのTIPS & TRICKSやニュースなどをネットTV形式で伝えてくれるそうです。(英語版)
(Google 翻訳版で見る)

Nikon DTOWN: Each week, Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski bring you the coolest tips and tricks, news and accessories for Nikon's Digital SLR cameras.

Nikon DTOWN is a weekly show brought to you by Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski with KelbyTraining.com.
Join us here each week as Scott and Matt share their photography knowledge along with the coolest tips and tricks out there for Nikon’s digital SLR cameras. (... more)

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Tamron SP AF 10-24 mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II on Nikon D90 Test Samples

by optyczne.pl.

optyczne.plにタムロン SP AF 10-24 mmのテストサンプルが掲載されました。テストボディーはニコンD90です。

Tamron SP AF 10-24 mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II Test Samples

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Nikon D5000 at PMA09 / Rumour

※これはPMA09で発表されると予想されているNikon D5000の噂です。

Nikon D5000の仕様

● 12.3 mp sensor(D300,D90のローコスト版)
● ISO 200 - 3200 • ISO 100-6400 with boost
● AF: 11 points.
● シャッター: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb.
 Flash Sync: 1/200.
● AF モーター無し
● 新型 built-in flash
Tilt-and-swivel タイプモニター 3.0インチ.
 920,000 pixel.TFT LCD (RGB x 3 colors)
● Video mode(S)
● LiveView
● 525g

Nikon D5000 Specs:

● 12.3 mp sensor (The same sensor that comes with the Nikon D300 and D90 simplified version)
● ISO: 200 - 3200 ( ISO 100-6400 with boost)
● AF: 11 points.
● Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Flash Sync: 1/200.
● No built-in AF motor
● New built-in flash
Tilt-and-swivel type -3.0" TFT LCD • 920,000 pixel  TFT (RGB x 3 colors)
● Video mode(S)
● LiveView
● Weight: 525g

   New: ▶Nikon D5000 vs. D90 - ISO Comparison.

   ☆PMA2009 新製品早見表 by DPReview

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  ↑世界で起きている人道的危機 TopTen of 2008
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
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New Olympus Camera Rumor- micro 4/3rd's camera in June and that it will be "40% smaller" than the E420.



dpreview.com/forum: At Focus on Imaging today in Birmingham, UK, Olympus were giving out a newsletter on their stand (Pixel: Olympus Issue). In it's there's some interesting info about release dates for micro 4/3rd's.... (More)

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Canon 500D(KissX3) & EF-S 30 f/2 in June 23[CR2] Rumors

by canonrumors.com.

☆これはCanon EOS KissX3の噂です。
下記のcanonrumors宛のメールにKissX3はEF-S 30 f/2とともに6月23日発売との記載
があります。 ☆大ハズレ!

CanonRumors: From an Email
The new Rebel will be launched June 23 along with a new EF-S prime. The lense will be a 30mm f/2 with an EF-S mount. Canon held off on the originally planned 500D release due to the economy and waiting to see what Nikon comes out with……… They have a couple designs of the camera ready to go....Link
(リンク先をGoogle 翻訳版で読む)

☆Canon 500D(KissX3)の最新情報

      New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D vs. Nikon D90.
      New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D ISO 100-12800.

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Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 on E-3 Review

by optyczne.pl

       ▶Olympus Zuiko Digital 150 mm f/2 Review

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Nikon MX Forecast - Nikon M1 Body and Lenses

by KenRockwell.

KenRockwell: Nikon may announce the MX medium-format system any time between now and 03 March 2009. If it hits a major program snag, as it did before the planned announcement at WPPI's BIG night at 8:30PM on 16 February 2009, which Nikon had been trumpeting for 5 months before, the announcement could get pushed out, and ultimately, the project can always get canned.... (More)

※ご存知KenRockwelがNikon MXフォーマットの予想をしています。(Google 翻訳版で読む)

♡Please make a donation to KenRockwell.com !.(彼のサイトに寄付を!)

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Olympus E-620 Video Review

by quesabesde.com

Olympus E-620のレビュービデオがquesabesde.comに掲載されました。E-520よりも小さいE-620、シャッター音も心地よいです。

   →Olympus E-620 Video Review

Olympus E-620関連情報

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Olympus E-620 Preview

by imaging-resource and DPReview.

imaging-resourceとDPReviewにOlympus E-620のプレビューが掲載されています。

imaging-resource: The Olympus E-620 in particular is a great example of how the company delivers more of what photographers want in a single package. The E-620 pulls most of the important features found in the company's high-end SLRs into one compact, more affordable camera. First, the E-620's body is small, not much bigger than the E-420. Second, the camera has an articulating LCD like the E-3 and E-30.... (More)

(Google 翻訳版で読む)

DPReview: Olympus has established a tradition of offering very well specified cameras in the entry-level, and was one of the first to offer two cameras in this bracket - the little E-410 and its image-stabilized big brother, the E-510 (later upgraded to the 420 and 520 respectively). Now it has introduced the E-620, a model that will 'sell alongside' the E-420 and E-520 (in the sense that we suspect it will eventually replace the E-520) as the company's attempt at a '450D-killer' ... (More)

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☆Olympus E-620関連情報


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TAMRON SP AF10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II - Release for Canon


Product Name: SP AF10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II
(Model B001) For Canon

Release Date; March 3, 2009

Retail Price: 68,000 yen (71,400 yen tax included)


SP AF10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II Special Site

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NEW ! Olympus E-620

The E-620 will go on sale in the USA from May 2009.


imaging-resource: The Olympus E-620 brings the 12.3 effective megapixel Live MOS image sensor from the mid-range E-30 digital SLR into a more affordable body. Where the E30 is priced at $1,300, the E-620 will have a significantly lower pricetag of $700 - both prices being for the camera body only. A kit bundle will see the Olympus E620 sold with an ED 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom Lens for $800 all-in. The E620 will go on sale in the USA from May 2009.... (More)   (Google 翻訳版で読む)

その他 E-620の関連情報はこちら


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prophotohome.com: 1600 Club - 4 MORE DSLRs ADDED - Nikon D3X New Champion.

New 1600 Club Overall results and Sensor Performance Results.

Nikon D3X, Canon 50D, Nikon D90 and the Canon 5D have been added to the 1600 Club camera rankings. Each camera has been tested and ranked for both of the 1600 Clubs camera rankings.... (More)

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※不評だった前回のランキングで抜けていたD3X, 50D, D90, 5Dがちゃんと加えられました。

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Sony 135mm ƒ/1.8 ZA lens tested on A900 and A700

by slrgear.com.

The Sony 135mm ƒ/1.8 ZA lens was introduced in October 2006, shortly after the debut of the Sony alpha system earlier that year. The lens was designed by Carl Zeiss, and is the fastest 135mm lens currently available, ... (More)

※SLRGear.comにSony 135mm ƒ/1.8 ZAのレビューが掲載されました。

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