Canon Eos 500D Rebel T1i ( Kiss X3 ) vs. Eos 50D ISO 100-12800 Comparison.

Samples data: imaging-resource.com.

☆キャノンEos Kiss X3とEos50DのJPEG-ISO100-12800のサンプルのノイズ比較。
 Kiss X3のほうがISO100-400あたりでは解像力がありIOS全域でノイズが押さえ

☆Canon EOS 500D vs. Eos 50D ISO100-12800 Comparison.
From ISO100 to ISO400, The 500D's resolving power is better than 50d's .
However, when becoming high sensitivity, 500D's resolving power is not good.
At all ISO, The 500D's noise is concealed better than 50d's.
  ☆500D VS. 50D    ※Click to enlarge.(クリックで拡大します) 
        ISO100-800           ISO1600-12800
   100 100
        ISO100-800           ISO1600-12800
   100 100
   ※500DExif and 50DExif/ISO12800.

       ☆関連記事: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D vs. Nikon D90.

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Canon PowerShot SX1 IS Review

at DP Review.
☆ Canon PowerShot SX1 ISのレビューがDP Reviewに掲載されました。
 比較ページではSony DSC-HX1, Panasonic Lumix FZ28などとサンプル比較しています。

 DP Review has posted a review of the Canon PowerShot SX1 IS.

   ▶Canon PowerShot SX1 IS Review 100

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Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G Lens Review

at digitalcamerareview.com.

DigitalCameraReview: Among DSLR shooters, there are two types of people: photographers who prefer using zoom lenses and photographers who prefer using primes. I am most certainly a member of the latter group.(... Read more)

   Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G Lens Review 100

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Photoshop CS4 vs. Lightroom 2 vs. Aperture 2 vs. Capture One

at smaku.com.
☆ CS4, Lightroom 2, Aperture 2, Capture Oneの処理結果をSmaku.comがレポートしています。

Smaku.com: While doing some post-processing on a shoot that I did recently, I noticed something interesting that I thought I should share. Depending on the program of choice for post-processing, the images changed in their quality, some quite significantly.(... Read more)

▶ P.S. CS4 vs. Lightroom 2 vs. Aperture 2 vs. Capture One 100


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Canon EOS 500D: first images and video Samples

at Focus-Numerique.com.
☆キャノンEos KissX3のスチルとヴィデオのサンプルをFocus-Numeriqueが掲載しました。
Focus-Numerique: Returning from the unveiling of the new EOS 500D Canon, we offer a few images taken with a box unfinalized to assess the treatment of electronic noise and a "big" Full HD video at 20 f / s.(... Read more/translate.google)
 Canon EOS 500D: first images and video Samples 100
     ☆Canon Eos KissX3の高感度ノイズサンプル vs. 50D

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Sigma 24-70/f2.8 vs Nikon 24-70/f2.8 on D700

at Sergey Skleznev/forums.dpreview.com.
☆D.P.RメンバーのSergey Skleznevがシグマとニコンの24-70/f2.8の比較サンプルをフォーラムに投稿しています。カメラはD700.
Sergey Skleznev: Today morning I've made some quick comparison shots with my Sigma AF 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG MACRO and my friend's Nikon AF-S 24-70/2.8. This was non-scientific test - without tripod and cable release, just four quick shots, but results are quite clear.(... Read more)
 ▶Sigma 24-70/f2.8 vs Nikon 24-70/f2.8 100

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Canon EOS 500D Rebel T1i (Kiss X3) HD video Samples.

at Rob Galbraith.com.
☆Kiss X3のビデオサンプルをRob Galbraithがサイトに掲載しました。
Rob Galbraith: Canon today has introduced the EOS Rebel T1i, an evolution of the Rebel XSi that incorporates a 15.06 million image pixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC 4 processor and three inch (diagonal), 920,000 dot rear LCD into a body that's nearly identical to its predecessor. For pro photographers, though, the main attraction of Canon's newest entry-level digital SLR may well be its ability to capture HD video with sound,(... Read more)

Canon EOS 500D HD video Samples. 100
  ☆上のリンク記事をGoogle 翻訳版で読む

  ☆ Kiss X3関連New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D vs. Nikon D90.
         New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D ISO 100-12800.

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Fashion Images-Canon EOS 500D (Kiss X3)

at canon-europe.com.
☆キャノンヨーロッパのサイトにEos KissX3で撮った「2011年の3月25日以降使われないよう」と注意書きのあるサンプルが掲載されています。既に後継機のほのめかし?

Fashion Images-Canon EOS 500D 100
 ☆関連記事EOS 500D (Kiss X3)
  ☆Canon Eos KissX3の高感度ノイズサンプル vs. 50D  

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☆PHOTO IMAGING EXPO 2009 Tokyo Big Sight starts today.

●Theme    Shooting, Viewing, and Sharing — Photo imaging enters a new phase.
●Event period March 26 (Thu), 27 (Fri), 28 (Sat), 29 (Sun), 2009 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
●Venue     Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 4, 5, 6 and conference building
●Organizer  Camera & Imaging Products Association
       Japan Photo and Video Accessory Association
       Japan Color-photo Finishers’ Association
       The Photo-Sensitized Materials Manufacturers Association
      PHOTO IMAGING EXPO 2009 Official Website

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Panasonic DMC-GH1 Official Sample images.

Panasonic DMC-GH1 Official Photo Gallery.
 Panasonic DMC-GH1 Official Sample images 100

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Canon EOS 500D Rebel T1i (Kiss X3) Samples ISO Comparison

at imaging-resource.com.
☆キャノン Eos Kiss X3 ISO1600&3200サンプル比較 by imaging-resource。

   VS. 50D/ ISO1600    VS. 450D/ ISO1600   VS. 50D, D700, D90, 450D/ ISO3200
 100  100  100

      New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D vs. Nikon D90.
      New: ▶Canon Eos Kiss X3 vs. Eos 50D ISO 100-12800.

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Canon EOS 500D Rebel T1i (Kiss X3) Sample images on Web.

☆ Web上に公開だれたCanon EOS Kiss X3 サンプルイメージへのリンク集。
 Links - Canon EOS 500D Rebel T1i Sample images.
  imaging-resource  imaging-resource    imaging-resource   Canon.jp(+Video)
  100 100 100  100

Digitalcamerainfo(+Video) FotoPolis(ISO100-12800) Gizmodo(ISO100-12800)    D.P.Review  
100 100 100 100

 ☆Canon Eos KissX3の高感度ノイズサンプル vs. 50D
  ☆Canon 500D(KissX3)の最新情報

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Canon EOS 500D (Kiss X3) photos at Zoom.

☆ZoomOnline.dk(デンマーク)が昨夜に掲載したKiss X3の写真。(可動式モニターですね)
 そしてZoomはキャノンの記者会見は今朝10:30と伝えている。 ↑大ハズレ!
Zoom: Canon press conference LIVE tomorrow.They've saved the best, we were told in the invitation, so you must then of course make sure to follow on this page tomorrow morning from 10:30 o'clock.

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SIGMA DP2 Catalog on Website.

☆SIGMA DP2のカタログがシグマのサイトに掲載されました。

You can download the Sigma DP2 product brochure.  

▶SIGMA DP2 Catalog 100 ▶日本語のカタログダウンロードはこちら

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Olympus E-30 Review at dpreview.com.

 E-3, D300, 50D, G1などとISO比較しています。
     Olympus E-30 Review at D.P.R.    100

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Tamron Develops SP AF60mm F/2.0 Di II MACRO 1:1

☆タムロンがAPS-C専用初の開放 F2・60mmマクロの開発を発表。→タムロンニュース 

Tamron News: Life-size macro lens designed exclusively for digital SLR cameras with APS-C size image sensors* that features a fast maximum aperture of F/2.
   Tamron Develops SP AF60mm F/2.0 Di II MACRO 1:1 100

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B & W Conversions with Nik's Silver Efex Pro - Samples

By Ken Hubbard/Angle of Vew.
☆タムロンのブログAngle of VewのKen HubbardがSilver Efex Proを使った白黒変換の
 サンプルを掲載しています。サンプルの撮影に使われているのはSP AF10-24mm。
  Nik's Silver Efex Pro - Samples 100


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The Sigma DP2 price is $649.00 (amazon)

☆アマゾンがSigma DP2の予約開始。

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PENTAX 645 Digital and smc PENTAX-D FA645 55mmF2.8 / PIE2009

Pentax News Release.
☆ペンタックスがPIE2009に中判デジタル一眼レフの645 Digitaとレンズsmc PENTAX-D
  FA645 55mmF2.8を参考出品します。☆ペンタックス ニュース リリース

  Pentax News Release. 100  100

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