Pentax K-01 K-mount APS-C Mirrorless Camera ?

デジカメinfo が、ペンタックスのミラーレス機に関する情報を掲載しています。「ペンタックスの新型機はCP+までに発表される。名称はK-01... マウントはKマウント。... 」

▶ ペンタックスのミラーレス機はAPS-Cセンサーを採用し名称はK-01? - デジカメinfo

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▶ Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera designed by Marc Newson to be announced on February 2nd? | Stuff-Review

Stuff-Review: Here is a rundown of all the rumored specs for the K-01 so far:

● K-mount and will work with most existing Pentax lenses
● Same 16-megapixel sensor as the excellent K-5
● Mirrorless camera, though unknown whether it will have an integrated EVF
● Full HD video with external mic input support
● 3-inch LCD 921k pixels
● Contrast AF
● Three new lenses – DA 40mm f2.8 kit lens which is just 1cm thick
● Built-in pop-up flash
● VDimensions: 121mm x 79mm x 59mm
● Weight: 560g (1.2lb) with battery
● Will come in three different colors

Below is compilation of a number of claimed render leaks and drawings of the new camera, but we would take these with a grain of salt.

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